Tikunov, Vladimir S. is Professor, Head of the Integrated Mapping Laboratory, Geography Faculty of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Director of the Center of the World Data System for Geography.
He published over 500 scientific works, including 21 monographs, textbooks, and manuals in 28 countries of the world and in 14 languages. He has led a number of Russian and international projects. His work has been used in many thematic maps and atlases: National Atlas of Russia (editor-in-chief of Vol. 3), Environmental Atlas of Russia, Atlas of Socio-Economic Development of Russia, Atlas of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra, etc. He is a recipient of the D.N. Anuchin Award for his work in mathematical-cartographic modeling. He is also a recipient of the Award in Science and Technology of the Russian Federation Government for the development of environmental and natural-resources atlases of Russia. He was Vice-President and, currently, is Chairman of the commission of the International Cartographic Association. He has been a member of the editorial boards of 14 Russian and international journals. V.Tikunov - Professor Emeritus of Moscow State University. He lectured at a number of national and international universities. He has been organizing, beginning in 1994, annual international conferences InterCarto-InterGIS that take place both in Russia and abroad.

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