Nefedova Tatiana G. is a Leader Research in the Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences. She published over 200 articles and 27 monographs.
The main ones published abroad are: Continuity & Change in Rural Russia (WestviewPress United States, 1997), Environs of Russian Cities (Edwin Mellin Press USA, 2000), Die Städte Russlands im Wandel (Leipzig, 2002), The End of Peasantry? The Disintegration of Rural Russia (University of Pittsburgh Press, United States, 2006,) Russia's Unknown Agriculture (Oxford University Press, GB, 2007) , La Russie (Hachette, Paris, 2007), Second Homes Tourizm in Europe: Lifestyle Issues and Policy Responses ( Ashgate Publishing Ltd, UK USA, 2013), Confronting Suburbanization: Urban Decentralization in Postsocialist Central and Eastern Europe, (John Wiley and Sons, Ltd Published, 2014), Land-Cover and Land-Use Changes in Eastern Europe after the Collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 (Springer Gutman, USA,2015). The main monographs in Russian: Rural Russia on the Crossroad (2003), Ten Relevant Questions on Rural Russia. Responses of a Geographer (2013), Between Home and… Home. The return Spatial Mobility of Population in Russia (2016).

The number of citations of her publications in e-library is more than 4.6 thousand, in the Web of Science journals - 196, Scopus - 250. Her work has been used in many thematic maps and atlases: National Atlas of Russia, Environmental Atlas of Russia, Atlas of Socio-Economic Development of Russia, Great Atlas of Kazakhstan.

T. Nefedova took a part in a number of Russian and international projects and led several research projects, the last was the project of Russian Science Foundation "Geography of Recurrent Population Mobility within the Rural-Urban Continuum" (2014-2016). She has been a member of several editorial boards of Russian journals. She lectured at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and a number of national universities as well as in the University named after al Farabi in Republic of Kazakhstan.

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