Tishkov Arkady Alexandrovich
Born in - March 31 1950, Moscow

– Moscow State University, biological-soil sciences faculty, 1973

- PhD (1979), 2-end degree (1994)
Titul – prof. of geography (1996), academician of Russian academy of natural sciences (2001), corresponding member of RAS (2016)

State titul
– Honoured labourer of nature protection in Russian Federatiuon (2003), Deserved worker of science of Russian Federation (2008), recipient of the medal of Professor N. Reimers for his contribution to the environmental protection of Russia (2010), Gold Medal of Russian Geographykal Society (2012)

Profession - Institute of geography, Russian academy of sciences

Position – Deputy director, head of biogeography laboratory

1968 – 1973 – Moscow state university, biological-soil sciences faculty ( Moscow)

1989 (June –August) – City english study cources ( Moscow)

1990 (August) – Training on ecological management, National parks services of Canada ( Toronto, Canada)

2000 (June-July) - Seminar of World Bank Institute; "Ecomomics of nature conservation" ( Vashington, USA)

2001 (January) - Seminar of World Bank Institute; "Economical value of biodiversity" ( Moscow)

Expearience of work

1966 – laboratory assistent of Institute of medical parasitology and tropical medicine

1967-1968 – laboratory assistent of Moscow state university, biological-soil sciences faculty

1970 – 1971 – head of biological groupe (young), Moscow pioneer club

1973 – modern time – Institute of geography, Russian academy of sciences

1997 – 2012– professor of ecological faculty, International ecological-politological university

1997-2003 – manager of Strategy component, GEF project "Biodiversity conservation in Russian Federation"

2017 –modern time - scientific head of geoecological research of the faculty of mining and natural resources of Belgorod state research University

English – satisfactory

Publications (total – about 800, including 12 monographies)

In English (more 50, in arctic investigation fields)

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